Piano Festivals 2018




To everyone who have registered to take part in the above mentioned festival, MYOF and Euroasia would like to express our apologies for the very last minute change of venue due to reasons which are not in our control. The new venue for the festival will be:


Festival Date and time:
13th October: 11am to 9pm
14th October: 10am – 7:00pm

It is with great regret for us to announce that the initial festival venue sponsor: The British International School of Kuala Lumpur is no longer involved with this project. The decision made by the Director of Music at BISKL was extremely unprofessional as BISKL made the mistake of double booking the space to another event although we had booked it earlier. She has not only requested for our event to be changed to a smaller venue, but that we would now have to share the space with this other event as well.

As we had booked in advance of this other event, we had expected to be given priority for our booking and though we had painstakingly explained how we would required two full days at the venue for our set ups, we were still not given due consideration for them to honor our advanced booking.

We had hoped to work with BISKL to bring about the success of this event as it would be a wonderful showcase of what this school would be able to offers potential students and their parents but unfortunately this will now not happen.

Once again, our apologies on the change of venue and any inconvenience caused and we look forward to see you all at The Gardens Theatre.

Thank you.


The Kuala Lumpur and Penang Piano Festivals 2018

Euroasia and MYOF’s first collaboration in 2017 was a move forward to encourage collaborations between establishments with similar objectives, to provide performance opportunities to more music students as well as to further improve performing standards.

2018 will see continuous collaborations in two festivals – KL Piano Festival and Penang Piano Festival in October. We hope to increase in time, the number of smaller festivals in various venues across Malaysia, bringing the performing opportunities to more students instead of one major big yearly festival in Kuala Lumpur as before. The success of Euroasia’s collaborations with other partners in organize the Piano Festivals in Sarawak, Johor Bahru and now another new venue in Kuantan, is, and will be a testament that we do not need to separate our differences and do our own things. Instead, with more resources from the collaborations, we could maximize efficiencies in providing a better platform for music students and teachers across Malaysia.

In order to maintain a continuous improvement in all areas of music education in Malaysia, we need right minded and dedicated partners and teachers who are constantly looking for ways to improve in their teachings and provide any performing opportunities for their students to widen their horizon. Malaysia has many talented music students. Giving them more performing opportunities outside their usual routine of individual lessons and music examinations help boost their performing skills. The exposure they get from witnessing other participants will also help them realize that great amount of dedication and hard work is needed to succeed in anything they pursue.

MYOF wishes the very best to all participants of these joint KL & Penang Piano Festivals. Even though these Festivals are a performing and competing platform, I would like to stress that, no matter what the outcome will be, working hard towards the competition day, being at the Festival and performing on stage amongst other students, parents and teachers will be an invaluable experience for participants, and it is also an achievement that will lead to many life long achievements.

Emily Wu
Programme Director
Malaysian Youth Orchestra Foundation

Dates & Venues:

6th – 7th October 2018

Penang Piano Festival

Venue Sponsor: Prince of Wales Island International School



13th – 14th October 2018

KL Piano




Gold, Silver or Bronze Trophy Prizes are awarded based on a point system in the Regional Rounds. Gold Prize Winners from all Entry Groups will be eligible to participate in the National-Level Malaysian Piano Competition (MPC)2018.
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