Piano Festival Director & Juries

Greetings everyone! Following the encouraging support for the first Sarawak Piano Festival last year, we are back again, and this time Euroasia is thrilled to announce that the piano festival has expanded to other locations as well.

Events such as these is usually buzzing with excitement, with scores of budding musicians getting up there and showing what they’ve got. For some it’s a platform to further hone and fine-tune their skills, for others it may be the first time they actually perform in public. It’s a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from other’s performances, and also a great occasion to meet fellow musicians and make new friends.

It is all too easy to forget, however, the amount of sheer hard work that needs to happen before a performance, which can sometimes last just a couple of minutes. I am reminded of the Internet meme that depicts an iceberg, with the visible tip labelled “The Performance” and the far bigger underwater part labelled “The Practice”. For a (hopefully) successful performance of even a brief piece of music, one would have had to put in a substantial amount of practice over a period of time. This process may include, amongst other things, working at overcoming technical hurdles, intensive listening, scrutinising the music score to understand the composer’s intentions, repetitive but focused practice, memorizing the music etc.

I would thus like to take this opportunity to laud all these young musicians for their sheer determination and commitment. These young musicians are also supported by their parents, teachers and friends, without whom the journey would have been much more difficult or even impossible.

Finally, I would like to wish all the participants the best of luck, and thank you for sharing your music!

Loo Bang Hean
Festival Director



The Piano Festival’s Jury Panel comprises of performers and educators who are all specialists in their respected fields, as well as being well-known personalities in the musical world – professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and experience in nurturing and encouraging new talents in the classical music world. The panel evaluates based on technical aspects, expressive quality of interpretation, and – most importantly – absolute musicianship of performance.

2018 Panel to be announced soon!