Malaysian Youth Music Festival



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MALAYSIAN YOUTH MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 ~ 13th & 14th September


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Q:    What is Malaysian Youth Music Festival all about?
A:    MYOF has organized Malaysian Youth Music Festival yearly since its debut in 2007. It is aimed to help promote music education and uplift the performance standards by providing music students a platform to perform in public via many small scales of “music competitions”.

Q:     How do I apply for the competitions?
A:    Online application will be opened from 15th April until 15th June 2014. However, spaces available will be based on first come first served, so do apply early. Once a particular class is full, we will close the category.

Q:    How do I make the competition fees payment? Can I pay by cash or cheque?
A:    All the competition fees need to be banked into the Foundation’s account on the same day the online application will be submitted. Please see details in the Festival Information document, downloadable from the website. Payment can be cash bank in, cheque bank in, online transfer. The payment details needs to be stated clearly on the online application and the bank in or online transfer receipt needs to be uploaded onto the application form (instructions will be given online how to do this). It can be in the form of .pdf or .jpeg format, ie, take a clear picture of the bank in slip, scanned bank in slip, both with the name of the applicant written on the slip, or upload online transfer receipt.

Q:    Why are this year’s fees higher than before?
A:    The Foundation has been subsidizing at least 50% of the competition fees for the past 7 years.  With the increase in operation cost, have to reduce the subsidies in order to cover the cost of the festival.

Q:    Can I join more than one category in the competitions?
A:    Yes, as long as each different category you join is in the same age group.

Q:    Can I join a different age group in the competitions?
A:    No. Every participant can only join their age group category. In the past, we have allowed participant to join a higher age group category by one age group if request is made, but this no longer can be considered.

Q:    How can I make payment from outside Malaysia?
A:    Payment can be telegraphic transferred into the Foundation’s account in the value of either Ringgit Malaysia. Please ensure any bank charges for the transfer is included in the transfer fees and you transfer the exact amount required.  There will be no refund for overpayment.

Q:     There are at least 3 years of age to each age group category. Will all the participants in each age group category be competing amongst each other or will it be further broken down into smaller groups?
A:    All participants in each age group category will compete amongst each other. This group will only be broken down into smaller groups according to age should there be sufficient numbers to do so.

Q:    What prizes will be given to the winners?
A:    All participants will be given a certificate of participation. For the open Categories, trophies will be given to most outstanding performers. Achievement medals for encouragement awards will be given to selected participants. For Young Artists Categories, Trophies and medals will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize winners along with winning certificates. There will also be a cash prize for the highest achievers. Cash prize will only be announced when the competition schedule is being published.

Q:    What is the difference between Open categories and Young Artists Categories?
A:    Open categories are a one time performance category with free choice pieces to choose from as long as it fits within each category’s stipulated duration.  Open categories are meant to be a “celebration of performance amongst music students”. The Young Artists categories are a competitive category where participants need to perform a piece chosen from the choice of compulsory pieces given on the initial round (13th Sept). Only selected number of finalists will be selected to perform their free choice pieces on the final round. (14th Sept)

Q:    For Instrumental Ensemble entries, how many players can I have in a group?
A:    Minimum 3 players and maximum 6 players.

Q:    Does the maximum number for Chamber Ensemble, 20 players include the conductors?
A:    No, conductor is excluded in the maximum number of players.

Q:    Will there be time and room for warm ups and rehearsals before the competition?
A:    No. Due to the size of the competitions and the number of performers involved, there will not be a place nor time allocated for rehearsals or warm ups.

Q:     What are Day Passes?
A:     Day passes are for supporters and observers. Day pass holder will be entitled to view all competitions throughout as well as any concerts or performances (if any).

Q:     Where can I purchase the Day Passes?
A:    Day passes can be purchase only on the festival day. More details about the Day Pass are available on the last page of the festival information document.

Q:    Does my piano accompanist need to buy a day pass?
A:    Only registered accompanist will get a FREE day pass. Unregistered accompanists will need to buy their own day pass.

Q:    Can Day pass holder observer the master classes and workshops?
A:    No. Day pass holder is only allowed to observer all competitions. Master classes or workshops participants will be given a free day pass to observe all competitions.

Q:    How do I register for the master classes and workshops?
A:    Email: application@myof.org.my to register your interest. The organizer will email a registration form and more information.

Q:    Who will be conducting the master classes and workshops?
A:    Workshop speakers have been published but more information will be published prior to the 15th April. All the profiles of the faculty members who will be conducting the master classes will also be published here at a later date.